PPP/C hails win, slams voter apathy

Although celebrating securing the presidency, the PPP/C this evening blamed voter apathy for the party’s loss of its parliamentary majority.

“The results of the general election 2011 while victorious are indeed a disappointment but they are also a timely reminder to all and sundry of what indifference almost cost you and your country,” PPP/C campaign spokesperson Robert Persaud said at a media briefing this evening at Freedom House.  Persaud said that many of the party’s supporters did not go out to vote because it felt that the party’s victory was a foregone conclusion.  He said that the party lost one seat by six votes, which could have assured the party a working majority in the National Assembly.

“We also wish to once again restate our determination to work tirelessly with each and every single Guyanese to achieve our collective dream of securing a better future for our nation,” Persaud stated.

“The Presidency secured by the PPP/C in the general election of 2011 is an opportunity we must not let slip as we continue to modernize our country and unite the people of Guyana,” Persaud said.

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