PPP/C says shocked at breaching of three containers with ballot boxes

The PPP/C says it is shocked at the discovery today that three containers holding ballot boxes from the November 28 general elections were breached at Coldingen, East Coast Demerara. There has so far been no official word on this from the Guyana Elections Commission.

The PPP/C statement said in part:

“The People’s Progressive Party/Civic is flabbergasted by the on-going efforts by certain forces to interfere with the integrity of the 2011 elections material and vital evidence should there be either a recount or even a forensic audit which the party is advocating.

“The shocking discovery today that three containers, located at Coldingen, ECD which were  holding ballot boxes were breached is most disturbing. The PPP/C has always maintained that it remains unopposed to a total or partial recount of the ballots given our firm view that there was orchestrated misconduct at several polling station and divisions.

“It must be noted that the PPP/C was prevailed upon to withdraw its request for partial recount as the opposition had claimed that would delay the announcement of the preliminary results. This request was made by the PPP/C in light of certain facts and activities that took place and affected votes which were cast  for the PPP/C .

“The PPP/C expects that the GECOM leadership and the law enforcement authorities will move resolutely, in apprehending the perpetrators.”


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