Driver, 82, crashes into fence after Norton St collision

An elderly driver smashed into the fence of a Norton Street, Wortmanville property after trying to avoid another car yesterday afternoon.

In an effort to avoid collision with an oncoming vehicle, Lloyd Hicks, 82, said he made a swift turn. However, he turned in the wrong direction, and smashed into the fence of Lot 12, Norton Street, Wortmanville.

The vehicle after it was reversed about two feet away from the point of impact. In the photo, the damaged fence and gate can be seen.

Hicks, who said he was on the way home from a lodge meeting, explained that he was proceeding west along Norton Street in his vintage car when he was blinded by the light of the vehicle coming in the opposite direction. As a result, he attempted to move to his left to park until the vehicle passed, but with his coordination off, he instead accelerated and turned right, crashing into the oncoming vehicle and subsequently the nearby fence.

When Stabroek News arrived on the scene, Hicks was trying to assure the owner of the property, Andrew Lewis, that he would fix the fence and that there was no need for the police to be involved.

“Brother there is no need for the police. I am a man of my word. If I say I will fix it, I will fix it,” Hicks said.

However, an adamant Lewis informed Stabroek News and Hicks that he wanted police involvement for surety. He said that many persons promised to pay when in shock, only to disclaim any such commitments later.

Meanwhile, the driver of the other vehicle, Remington Taitt, indicated that he was in a state of shock since he could not understand how Hicks landed in the position he was in.

He said he assumed that the other driver was on his cellular phone, after he suddenly turned into him and grazed the side of his vehicle, knocking off the bumper in the process.

Police later arrived on the scene and, according to Lewis’ wife, only a note of the incident was made but no charges were pressed against Hicks. She said all parties came to an amicable agreement and Hicks will compensate them for damage he admitted to causing.

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