Chavez plans to have more cancer treatment in Cuba

CARACAS,  (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo  Chavez said yesterday he plans to return to Cuba for more  cancer treatment, in a move that will raise further concerns  about his illness that has upended the OPEC nation’s politics.

The announcement came less than two weeks after the  56-year-old made a triumphant return home from the  Communist-led island, where he had undergone cancer surgery,  amid opposition criticism that his absence was a danger to the  country of 29 million people.

Speaking from the steps of the presidential palace, Chavez  read a brief letter requesting that Congress authorize him to  leave for Cuba today to continue treatment including  chemotherapy. He did not say how long he would be gone.

“The second phase will start in the coming days with the  application of chemotherapy that has been scientifically  planned down to the last detail, and I am sure the second phase  will contribute to the recovery of health,” he said.

The former soldier’s allies say he is making a quick  recovery, but his illness has raised doubts about his long-term  health and his fitness to run for re-election next year.

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