Pay-and-park coming for Port of Spain

(Trinidad Express) By the end of the year, parking on the streets of Port of Spain will no longer be free.

Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing made the announcement on Monday at a meeting at City Hall, Port of Spain.

The new plan will utilise a device from a company called Easy Park. “We are going to give out 50,000 of these, free of charge, to those who want to park in the city. After the first 50,000 there will be a fee for it. You will go to the lottery vendors like you go for a top-up and when you top it up, you place it on your dashboard,” Lee Sing said.

“Our traffic wardens will come around with a little gizmo and swipe, if they swipe and your Easy Park is empty, no problem, they will merely call the booth and they will come and clamp it there. You will get a sticker on your driver’s window indicating that your vehicle has been immobilised, urging you to go to City Hall to pay the fee. The fee will be a reasonable fee,” Lee Sing said.

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