US, Suriname sign narcotics agreement

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – In the coming two years, Suriname can count on US financial support for the fight against drugs and for law enforcement. On Thursday, Justice and Police Minister Martin Misiedjan and US Ambassador John Nay signed the ‘Letter of Agreement on Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Suriname (LOA),’ the Ministry of Justice and Police reports. Susan Ross, Public Relations Officer at the US Embassy, tells DWT that it involves a sum of US$ 95,000.

The funds will be used to combat the illegal drug trade, cross-border crime and to increase security in the country.
“Specific projects that have to do with security and tackling the drug trade will certainly be implemented”, Ross says.
Technical assistance as well is not excluded.

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