Farmer creating a nuisance by rearing large numbers of chickens and ducks in residential area

Dear Editor,

We would like to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities a situation that is affecting the residents of Kilcoy, South Albion.

One of our residents [name given], a poultry farmer, rears chickens and ducks by the thousands, and his pens are situated between our houses. The pens are smelly and attract flies by the thousands. The stench in the air is affecting everyone in the neighbourhood, especially the children. We can’t breathe properly; we have to cover our noses and spray perfume in our homes. They are over forty small children in this area and this is affecting their health.

When this matter was reported to the Neighbourhood Democratic Council at Albion Complex we were told by a clerk that they are not responsible.
This matter needs urgent attention since the farmer is building more pens in the same area.

Yours faithfully,
(Twenty-seven names provided)

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to Dr Inderjit Ramdass, the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency for any comment he might wish to make.

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