Lawlessness on our roads persists because drivers think they can get away with it

Dear Editor,

I write this letter with pain in my heart as as I see the horrific loss of human life on our roads. Within the past days there have been several tragedies involving innocent children mowed down by drivers who act as if our roadways are places for daredevil acts without a care for human life or suffering. The latest incident involves two primary school children who were walking on the D’Edward public road when they were hit by a speeding motorist.

The little girl was killed almost instantly while her brother is clinging to life in a city hospital.

According to eyewitnesses this driver was driving at speed in an area where pedestrians, especially school age children, are known to traverse. According to reports this same driver was involved in an accident two years ago as a consequence of which a young lad has been paralysed. My question is why is this driver still driving?

And herein lies my story: the lawlessness on our nation’s roads persists because drivers know that they can get away with it. Many drivers use our roads as if it were a race track and this often results in death or serious injury. Those who administer our roads, ie, the police, are negligent in their duties. They should not wait for an accident to happen; if they see a speeding driver they should charge the culprit and have his vehicle impounded.

Our courts also need to impose stiffer penalties for those who run foul of the law such as imprisonment and a revocation of their driving privileges. Still on this subject, surviving relatives of accident victims need to sue for pain and suffering (similar to the American system) so that they can be awarded substantial damages. I think if these measures are instituted drivers would be more careful on our roads and bring an end to the present carnage.

Yours faithfully,
Neil Adams

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