Betsy Ground has the same problem as Suddie where contractors have filled the road shoulder with earth

Dear Editor,

When I read the letter ‘No road shoulder in front of shop is a traffic hazard’(SN , June 15) I told customers at my shop that all I had to do was change ‘Suddie’ and replace it with ‘Betsy Ground,’ East Canje, as well as the name at the bottom, as the same situation occurs here. In fact, it is even worse, because after raising the road about two feet the shoulders are partly filled with earth. Idiotic indeed.

Why put earth in front of shops and on top of concrete and previous road-hardened areas where heavy vehicles have to stop.

The very first day the earth was placed one truck got stuck. In several area where the shoulders have been filled with earth, several old and young persons have fallen, injuring themselves.

It must be noted that this road was about six feet wider and we were told the ongoing repairs would have widened the areas that had become constricted since the PPP/C government started to do repairs.

Incidentally, the very first year that the road was reduced in size, three teenage girls lost their lives while riding bicycles. It is frightening to contemplate what will be the result now that the road is asphalted and remains narrow (26ft?) and speeding will be the order of the day.

Information is that the contract stipulates asphalting the entrance of all homes and shops, not placing earth.

Yours faithfully,
Maurice Sookraj

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