UG has to do more to provide facilities for students with disabilities

Dear Editor,

The university that we have as our only higher learning institution here in Guyana finally realized the need to develop its infrastructure to create an environment that would be more conducive to persons living with disabilities. The University of Guyana finally woke up from its long slumber and is now talking about its students with disabilities. I find it amazing that nearly half a century had to pass before the university understood that it has an obligation to all of its students.

Unfortunately, this is not the only area in which this university has erred. It has failed all of its students. Poor and intolerable washroom facilities that students find absolutely disgusting, but are forced to endure; under-qualified lecturers for courses; no lecturers for some courses; receiving grades late; the list of woes goes on forever. It is a requirement that any standard university have facilities available for disabled students. In not making these facilities available  the University of Guyana has altogether denied so many disabled persons who may have desired to pursue higher education and were qualified for entrance to UG, but could not attend. The university’s denial of these basic rights makes them guilty of discrimination against persons living with disabilities.

Even with this little step forward, much more has to be done to stop the discrimination against persons living with disabilities who wish to attend the University of Guyana. I am happy that this concern is finally being addressed, but I must also say that the social disservice to persons living with disabilities has gone on for far too long.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Blair

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