Were 15 bona fide members verified by the boards present at the GCB elections?

Dear Editor,

I refer to the recent elections held by the GCB and in particular to the claim by returning officer Sanjeev Datadin that the elections were valid. My question to Mr Datadin is when he called the elections to order did he satisfy himself that there were at least 15 bona fide members

(as opposed to 15 individuals) eligible to vote present. The practice of most organizations – and I doubt the cricket board is an exception – is that at an AGM you may have several participants who are not entitled to vote. However, when the  president and his executives vacate the head table and a returning officer is appointed he has a responsibility to ensure that persons voting at the elections are legitimate and bona fide, and this is done by inviting each board to submit a list of their delegates (under the hand of the secretary or president). If there were not 15 bona fide members as verified by the boards then the elections in my view would be invalid, null and void. I think the BCB should spare little time in taking legal advice and if not satisfied with the conduct of the election mount a challenge against the executive. On another point I’m disappointed that someone like Mr Terry Holder can accept nomination in these circumstances. He is doing his credibility no good.

Yours faithfully,
Gary Singh

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