Michael James and his team deserve visibility

Dear Editor,

The July 12 editorial ‘Linden’s time to shine’ paid tribute to the residents of Linden, including the children who continue to persevere and remain proud of their community. A few weeks ago, the films from the President’s Film Endowment project for 2011 were screened. The revival of the film industry is noteworthy, as is the hard work which was done to bring these films. One of the films, Three Cards stands out for being filmed in Linden, with an all Linden cast. The director Michael James has been quietly producing his own films within Linden for a few years, and some of the publicity for the excellent film project did not include the stories behind all of the films. With all of the bad news and despair in parts of Guyana, it is good when the perseverance of people like Mr James and his team is strengthened and given visibility.

Yours faithfully,
Vidyaratha Kissoon

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