Not the author of blog on Chris Ram

Dear Editor,

Some person, man or woman is writing a blog and trying to insert my name as though I am the writer. I declare that I am not the writer of any blog anywhere in cyberspace. Many have told me about this blogger as I do not read blogs. Too many of them hide the writer’s identity. That is a warning that they do not promise facts or truth. They offer curious readers a ride to nowhere with a name. I prefer to read news from newspapers. In newspapers facts weigh against non-facts. They have to be responsible for what they publish and individuals can sue for libel to protect their reputation. A blog deserving respect and respecting readers will use a valid name.  I do not seek the limelight. I am writing this letter to let my children know that I am not intimidated.

The blogger in question is getting at my family and especially my ex-husband, Christopher Ram. The blogger has a motive. Perhaps it is to discredit him in the hope that his written comments on Guyana’s public affairs can have less weight.

The blogger loves to deal in gossip but is out of touch.  The relations between my ex-husband and myself are pleasant and without bitterness. What will the blogger say if he or she knew that I have a marriage proposal? It is from a Guyanese man, who is an accountant of long standing and also a lawyer. Will the blogger like to be invited? I do not bear spite and will gladly have him or her.

If I knew the blogger, I would ask him or her whether forgiveness for those very serious slanders will come from Allah, or from Krishna, or from Jesus, or perhaps from the Buddha. To whom does this blogger without a name he or she is proud of hope to give a final account?

Christopher Ram writes in his own name. I am signing my own name to this letter. The blogger who wants people to believe the blog, is without a name.

I must admit I have one suspicion. It is of a person who on the Queen’s Birthday 2010 in Guyana was gazing intently at my ex-husband and me. Is it them?

I am told that the blogger claims that I am writing a book. I ask the blogger publicly not to write any letter, blog post, or book or paragraph in my name. This letter is the only public statement I am making and all gossips can quote me.

However, I am inclined to write of things that inspire people. But I feel very inspired today to write about this blogger. Salvador Dali’s painting entitled Visage of war gives me an image of him. I expect this letter will infuriate the writer of this blog but like the snake that cannot capture its prey, the fangs themselves becoming its own enemy.

I conclude with Plato’s indelible words from the allegory of the cave: “Last of all he will be able to see the sun, and not mere reflections of him in the water, but he will see him in his own proper place, and not in another; and he will contemplate him as he is.”

Yours faithfully,
Ena Ram

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