The two major parties cannot be trusted

Dear Editor,

The present PNC is no different from Burnham’s time. It is business as usual. Today the PNC is literally begging the AFC to join its new-faces-in-old-wineskins APNU. The PNC/APNU is already negotiating in bad faith by refusing to agree to Rupert Roopnaraine being the prime ministerial candidate. Cannot the PNC-veiled APNU see that it is made up of mainly one-man political parties and no one really wants to join them?

The PNC only knows how to cheat power and negotiate in bad faith. Dr Roopnaraine needs to learn D’Aguiar’s lessons. Whatever might said of the late President Dr Cheddi Jagan, he made Sam Hinds, who had never won a seat in Parliament, prime minister.

We must not forget that it is the PNC and the PPP that joined hands in parliament to introduce an undemocratic amendment to the constitution that allows them to kick out members of parliament who leave the party. Both parties cannot tolerate dissenting or opposing views.

Both Burnham and Jagan are responsible for the state of affairs in Guyana today. They wanted the privileged class to go and the small man to be the real man.

We have had their people in office in Guyana and we have chaos such as we never had before in Guyana. There is corruption in high office, murder every day is reported in the press, drug trafficking, rapes, police brutality, incompetence at all levels and drug barons who are above the law. Recall that now convicted drug trafficker, Roger Khan, had to be captured in a foreign country. There is also a constitution designed for a president who is above the law. As for the PPP/C under Bharrat Jagdeo, it is worse than in Jagan’s time. The PPP built a stelling that floated away, roads repaired and constructed often wash away or evolve into quagmires, and whenever there is a fair downpour of rain the country is flooded. The Jagdeo government then turned around and introduced Value Added Tax on the backs of Guyanese. There has been no major investment in Guyana under Jagdeo’s stewardship.

The two parties who governed Guyana for approximately 46 years, have destroyed the country. Neither of them can be trusted. One is no good and the other is no better.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address

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