The formation of a cricket IMC is illegal

Dear Editor,

I wonder what else the President of Guyana will get involved in. Cricket administration has been administered by the Guyana Cricket Board since 1943, 68 years ago, and this system has proven to have been a relative success over these last seven decades. Discounting the last 18 months since the announcement of Chetram Singh’s decision not to seek re-election at the helm of cricket in Guyana after close to two decades, the administration of cricket was considered to be very decent, gentlemanly and organized. Mr Jagdeo has now got involved in the administration of cricket through the formation of an IMC. This action is totally illegal in my view and should be rejected outright.

The Chief Justice in the last matter filed by Angela Haniff discharged the injunction, and ruled that the action was struck out as it was misconceived. That is all that his order contained in this matter. This landmark judgement opens up a can of worms for all sporting associations and other unincorporated organizations. All other associations such as the Guyana Olympic Association, the Guyana Football Federation, the Guyana Chess Club, the Guyana Lawn Tennis Association, the Guyana Basketball Association, the Guyana Volleyball Association and all others not incorporated or registered under any legal framework are now to be considered legal non-entities.

Justice Chang’s order was granted on August 22 and President Jagdeo summoned the cricket executives on August 25. The President needs to tread cautiously on this issue and carefully examine all the issues surrounding his actions before proceeding. He needs to examine the question of the legal authority under which the IMC is being formed, and remember that the GCB has functioned over the years fairly successfully, has evolved through a democratic process and is governed by its own rules and constitution. He should ask himself what role the government should play in the administration of cricket and/or other sports, and whether it is equipped to deal with these additional administrative duties and responsibilities. In addition,

He should consider whether the government  should provide just the legal and regulatory framework for the smooth functioning of these bodies as recommended by the CJ?

These are all very relevant issues and the President seems to be misinformed in his current actions which can redound to his ultimate detriment.

Yours faithfully,
Intikab Sankar

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