Dear Editor,

In response to the letter ‘Denied NIS pension‘ which was published in Thursday, August 18, 2011 Stabroek News, please be informed that Mohamed Hoosein was paid an Old Age Grant of one hundred and thirteen thousand, nine hundred and twenty-six dollars ($113,926.00). This sum was paid based on one hundred and seventy-six (176) contributions.

The National Insurance Scheme’s Compliance Division has confirmed that initial investigations have revealed that the claimant has not worked for the length of time as stated in the newspapers.

Please be advised that this matter is still being investigated and additional information will be provided on its conclusion.

However, in the meantime it is the claimant’s right to submit an appeal against the Scheme’s decision.  This can be done by completing an AT4 Form and submitting same to the nearest NIS office.

Additionally, it would be very helpful if the claimant can provide any evidence (payslip, job letter, etc) to substantiate his claim.

He should feel free to contact me on tel # 227-6851, the Customer Relations Unit on tel # 227-3461 or the nearest local office should he require additional information.

Yours faithfully,
Dianne Lewis Baxter
Publicity and Public Relations Officer
National Insurance Scheme

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