Families get no reprieve in cases of medical negligence

Dear Editor,
The untimely death of Mel Sankies must not drift into the national purgatory of other such deaths, and there have been far too many. Medical negligence seems to have become a norm, with no reprieve for the families of the victims. There is no point appealing to the Ministry of Health. The members of the Medical Council are themselves functioning doctors in this collapsed medical system. I’ve known Mel for years; he was at the then professional gym of ‘Kings Row’ in Thomas Street while I was at the poor man’s ‘Muscle Craft’ in Bent Street.

Every honest authority in this faltering nation must address this case as this condition has been prevailing for years where the health system sometimes is more liable to kill than to cure those of us who can’t fly out just to change bandages.

Yours faithfully,
Barrington Braithwaite

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