Wherever the buses are going, the place will still be there

Dear Editor,
Every day on my way to school, I look at the minibuses passing; they are always speeding. And they wouldn’t slow down at all. I think in their minds, they are saying ‘the faster I go the more money I will earn’, but to me the faster they go, the more lives they put at risk!

Even when there are children in the bus, they don’t care. You see I don’t know why they have to speed because wherever they are going, the place will still be there. Maybe they think it will get up and leave.

The accidents that have happened in the past were mainly caused by buses. And 93% of the time the passengers are always getting injured or even killed!

I hope that when they go past the speed limit they will get a fine. And then sometimes they drive with an expired licence. The dumb part is when they speed the passengers enjoy it along with the loud music! It is despicable.

So I hope those who read this will understand it and you will agree with me! Please learn to speak up and be independent. Do it for yourself !
Thank you for reading!

Yours faithfully,
Sarah Alexzandria Lewis
(11 years old)

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