A fitting tribute to Champion of the Earth

Dear Editor,
My acknowledgement of President Bharrat Jagdeo’s remarkable achievement both as an individual and as the leader of the nation, was inevitable once there was an initiative to formally recognize his profound contribution as the sixth President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. I have always been a fan of President Jagdeo who will in time to come be voted as the most decisive President to have graced this country. While there will be critics of the President, as a Guyanese I believe we should indeed be proud for a champion son of the soil who defied the inexperience of youth when he became the youngest president of the country and who rose so seamlessly through the diplomatic corridors of the globe in pursuit of Guyana’s interest. When Guyana decided to challenge our neighbouring state Suriname in relation to our maritime boundary, it was considered a huge gamble. Today, the victory is extolled; it was in a major way influenced by the astute and visionary leadership of Mr Jagdeo. It is a significant legacy that history will endorse as part of Mr Jagdeo’s resumé of achievements.

No amount of electioneering gimmickry will erase the hope that Guyanese have now come to recognize with the realization of their dream of having their own home, access to computer technology and the imminent gift of computers for every poor household. There are scholarships for our future leaders to study abroad, including Amerindian students, and the continuing stable economy that has withstood the rigours of the global recession and other negative external factors, and provided growth. All this is reflective of a proven and effective leader. President Jagdeo stands tall among our heroes and September 16, 2011 should be celebrated by all Guyanese as a fitting tribute to the Champion of the Earth.
Yours faithfully,
Elroy Stephney

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