Power restored to Anna Regina

Dear Editor,

It would be remiss of me not to express my appreciation to the Guyana Power and Light linesmen and crew which finally restored power to residents in the Anna Regina area.

Monday, was quite simply a repeat of Sunday: a protracted period of blackout (6 hours on each day would not be exaggerating). It is true the sublime silence of a Sunday was reinforced by the power outage, but that might have been the only advantage of the blackout. Every other outcome involved unnecessary inconvenience – inoperable fans or air-conditioning units, the unbearable temperature indoors, the inability to explore the marvels of a computer and the World Wide Web (for those of us ambitious to surf the one netbook per family wave when it comes crashing), and the general malaise that follows prolonged blackouts. Some were rejoicing at the end of that bleak Sunday, only to experience a rerun on Monday. Do I need to elaborate on how a developing region like Essequibo, or any other populated part of Guyana for that matter, will be impacted by a prolonged blackout? On Monday, the start of the work week?

Let me not sound ungrateful for the little advances in power distribution in this country, for I know some rhetorician of a certain ilk will reprimand me for not recalling how worse things were under a previous administration. However, I try to be apolitical while suggesting that in recognition of modernity and development, ordinary citizens should by now at least be able to enjoy a stable power supply. After all, we have been boasting of our robust economic growth and policies, and technological, social and political advances. So from my limited standpoint, I would hope that such an expectation would not be to indulge implacable fantasizing.

I hear my fans whirring; I see lights on; and yes, I am finally able to produce my letter on a computer. I am happy that the machinists, supermarkets and other businesses are alive again, even if it’s at 4 pm. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better fortune in this country – now that might be fantasizing.

Thank you GPL, you are much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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