Hindu Youth Organisation of Tain celebrates 50 years

Dear Editor,

The Hindu youths of Tain Settlement, Port Mourant, celebrated fifty years as an organization at a ceremony in Jamaica, New York.  The Tain Hindu Youth Organization was launched in 1961 with the Tain Hindu Mandir as its parent body. The Mandir itself was formed in 1956.  Members of the youth organization still meet in New York and raise funds and collect materials that are sent to the Mandir as was well as the THYO for its activities. Members provide a lot of assistance to residents of the area. The THYO was/is not only involved in religious matters but community issues as well that benefit people of all religious denominations.

Over four hundred people turned out for the 50th anniversary celebration last Saturday that included prayers, speeches, reminiscences of life in Tain during the good old days, live band, classical dances, and other forms of entertainment.

Celebrants came from all parts of the US, Canada and Trinidad. Local politicians also graced the event praising the organization, Tain Hindu Youth Organization, for its golden jubilee anniversary.  The cost of the event which included a buffet dinner was generously underwritten by its members.

The event was organized by former executives, founding members, and youths of the organization.  Speakers noted the intense loyalty, dedication and devotion of the members to the organization.
It was noted that through the efforts of the members that the principles of the organization have held strong as the members propagate culture in America.

One speaker noted how that the organizers deserve the highest accolades and plaudits for their hard work in keeping the torch of their faith alive.

The THYO was really the fruit of the hard work of a small group of individuals led by Bhaiji Harrinanan Arjun (commonly called Harry).  Several religious organizations had existed in the plantation village of Port Mourant.  Harry said there were no youth organizations in the area to address the needs of youths.  So he initiated a discussion on the formation of a organization and “thus began a remarkable history of the launching of the youth organization.“  But THYO comprised people from several neighbouring villages and not only Tain.

Harry served as President for several years until he migrated to the US in 1968.  At Saturday’s celebration, glowing tributes were paid to Harry.

The THYO has been observing its 50th anniversary with a variety of activities and religious services over the last several months with Saturday’s celebration another opportunity to glorify the organization’s achievements. The celebration will culminate in November at Tain.

The various activities were not only a celebration of the temple and the youth organization, their expansion and achievements over the last 50 years, but also of the devotion and contributions of member families, friends and business associates throughout Tain, Port Mourant, and surrounding neighbourhoods – all those who made contributions for the construction of the temple, its Hindi school, and its newly built auditorium.

Yours faithfully,
Vishnu Bisram

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