No assistance from the police over noise nuisance

Dear Editor,

Guyana is now at a point where noise nuisance is an offence and can be stopped. The police are supposed to come if called to assist in such matters.

Weeks have been going by since a close neighbour has been causing a terrible disturbance. Every morning from around maybe 6 o’clock through to about 8.30, they would put their radio outside their window so it could be heard loud and clear throughout our home.

We can no longer hear our morning conversations without raising our voices, or our own morning news/radio/ gospel music, that is played just for us. Some evenings, the same thing happens; there is loud music bellowing through our living room.

We don’t mind if they play their music, but come on, they should have some consideration for others.

They should play their music for themselves. No one else wants to hear it – not that loudly at least.

The Alberttown police station is not far away, but they never turn up to help. We call, they say yes, they will be there shortly, but no one comes.
What’s next?

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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