Georgetown-Parika bus fares are outrageous

Dear Editor,

The distance from Georgetown to Mahaica is 24.5 miles and it costs $200.00 by minibus.
The distance from Georgetown to Parika is 25 miles and cost $500.00 by minibus. The distance from Georgetown to Timehri is 22 miles and the cost is $340.00 by minibus.

Editor, why is this so? Please implore the Minister who is in charge of public transportation to have another look at this issue.  It is very hard on the travelling public living in the West Demerara area.

Yes, it costs $200 for the toll to cross the bridge, but this works out at $14 per passenger to cross and should not result in such large increases.

No wonder there is a shortage of buses on the East Coast during the peak hours when workers are trying to get to and from work. In this case the buses on the coast have a right to an increase.  But my God, the G/town-Parika route drivers are outrageous.

If they do not want to reduce this fare the government should introduce a service to the West Coast to assist the travelling public.

Yours faithfully,
Lance Daniels

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