Unwanted house lot at Sparendaam

Dear Editor,

In Barbados a few weeks ago I met with one of the Afro-Guyanese allegedly awarded lots in the Pradoville 2 scheme at Sparendaam. This gentleman lives out of Guyana and has done so for decades.

He certainly does not fall into the category of a senior government functionary or regional chairman.  This former banker, a friend since the seventies, told me that he was recently contacted by a high-ranking government official who told him he had been given a house lot at P2 Sparendaam.  He admitted his surprise at being given such a potentially valuable gift which had been totally unsolicited.  He also admitted that he had no plans to return to Guyana to live and could not see himself building a third home in the Caribbean.

I could not help but express my view and disappointment that in a country where thousands are unable to acquire homes or satisfy basic human needs for food, clothing and proper shelter, prime residential house lots are being given away like peas to those who don’t need or want them.

Yours faithfully,
F Hamley Case

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