What crime has Mingo committed?

Dear Editor

I refer to an article in your newspaper on Wednesday, October 5, captioned ‘Head of breakaway PNCR faction calls on Mingo to resign’ Leader of the Guyana Youth Congress (GYC) has called on Chairman Mingo to resign his position as a representative of the PNCR on the grounds that his judgment is questionable over the offer of a lot at Pradoville 2. How can Mr Osborne, who is no longer a member of the PNCR make such a call? How can Mr Osborne, whose judgement was being questioned just a few months ago by the David Granger campaign speak about Mr Mingo’s judgment being questionable, especially when it remains a fact not refuted by anyone that Mingo does not own the land he was offered.

I have worked with Mr Mingo as a councillor of the RDC since 2001, and there was not one time I can recall at any RDC statutory meeting that his integrity or honesty was questioned by any of the councillors of both the 5th and 6th Councils, ie PNCR, AFC or PPP/C. How many of the critics would not have paid for the land and maybe started building already? The integrity of Mr Mingo is not in question, neither his honesty for the period he has been Chairman; as a matter of fact he more often than any other councillor, exposes every irregularity that comes to his attention at the RDC, and this latest attempt to entrap him failed, because after he wrote a cheque for the land, he ensured that the sale fell through.

What is needed at this time is some amount of refocusing by APNU members and supporters. There is a campaign to run and a campaign to win, but it cannot be done in the midst of these distractions. We need to strengthen each other and build on each other‘s faith.

The worst mistake the APNU leadership can make at this time is to remove Mr Mingo as campaign manager or Chairman of the RDC. The few disgruntled ex-PNCR members who seem to be the trouble-makers have no following, and therefore can make little or no impact on the outcome of the results of the upcoming general and regional elections. It is clear that some people are looking for political space and cheap popularity. I would therefore like someone to tell me what crime Mr Mingo has committed. If unable to do so, then I say they should hold their peace.

Yours faithfully,
Valerie Sharpe

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