Mr. Hinds may just be warming the seat for the real potentate

Dear Editor,

The appointment of Sam Hinds as the PPP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate for the fifth successive election shows that the PPP is intellectually at a dead end.  It clearly demonstrates that there is no rising new stalwart within the party, no one else who the electorate could not take umbrage with and no one else who the real powers could feel safe with.  In his twenty years as Prime Minister, Mr. Hinds has not demonstrated any kind of initiative.

Indeed he has made not a single speech that could be termed memorable or effected any policy decision on his own.

In fact, the only thing that stands out about Sam Hinds is the many bodyguards he surrounds himself with and his propensity to write letters that refer to himself in the third person.  Mr. Hinds, is in every sense, the perfect PM candidate for the PPP – congenial, self-effacing, non-threatening, in short, as Churchill so devastatingly put down Clement Atlee, “a modest man with a lot to be modest about.”

So there we have the ticket – Sam and Don, two sexagenarians who will lead Guyana into the ultra high-tech modern era.  Or perhaps Mr. Hinds is just a place holder, merely warming the seat for the real potentate to emerge sometime during the second act, or at intermission.

Yours faithfully,
Harold Latchana

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