Liquor was seized by security officer from outgoing passenger

Dear Editor,

My nephew, who is 19 years old, was checking in and clearing his baggage at CJIA on Sunday 2011.10.16 on an outgoing Delta flight (Flight #384) which was scheduled to depart at 8:30am.  The security officer who checked his baggage seized a bottle of 15 yr old rum and a bottle of cream liquor and told him that he couldn’t take it on the plane.  When my nephew asked for the items to be returned to his father who was outside the waiting area, the officer refused to return the items and indicated that the seized items are the property of the state.  My nephew pleaded with the officer several times that an outgoing passenger is allowed to take two bottles of rum overseas for friends and relatives.  The officer reluctantly said it’s against the rules on top of his voice and threatened to get my nephew arrested.  The officer simply bullied my nephew.  This security officer should not be working at an international airport.

Is this the way we treat our tourists at the airport Mr Ramesh Ghir and Minister Manniram Prashad?  I hope to hear your comments soon gentlemen.

Yours faithfully,
Vijay Ramdas

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