Seeing the glass half empty rather than half full

Dear Editor,

This is the last generation of adults who are in active politics and who are capitalising on the untutored minds to be disrespectful during this election period. This is no silly season but a period where some are trying to unsettle society for their own satisfaction. Hence, it is not silly, but foolish.

One often wonders why some people want to form a political party. Perhaps, like Mr Sharma, it is to be called a presidential candidate even if one cannot be a national president. Isn’t it time for the relevant agency/government to have systems in place to control this foolishness of having political parties formed willy-nilly?

These newcomers must be made to pay a heavy sum of money to contest an election and failure to garner a seat will cause such monies to be forfeited. But musing on this coming election, the opposition parties and some media outfits are churning out news of corruption and mismanagement.

They are seeing the glass as being half empty rather than half full. One can sense the hostility and hatred of some of the writers and columnists in some news papers. And in some newscasts, news is mixed with opinions. They are not objective.

Editor, some reporters are indeed operating like vultures, looking to highlight negatives with  the intention to create doubts and mistrust. They thrive on distortions and half truths.

I know a few people where a few incidents involving themselves were reported in a paper, and who were so incensed about the facts stated in the paper that they are now referring to that paper as the ‘Lie Paper.‘

I read somewhere where it is stated that a truth told with bad intention is far worse than a lie that is told with good intention. It is the general desire that our society be less vitriolic and this is perceived through what is being reported daily in some sections of the press.

Should this not be analysed by the rational mind and countered, otherwise  the impression being created is that our country is a veritable society not fit for humans.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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