Dear Editor,
The 2011 general election is over, even though the dust has only temporarily settled. However, the hopes and cries for a better life have resonated with most of us in this country.

The hitherto unthinkable has occurred, and the political landscape has changed. I am not qualified to morally judge anyone, but I shall point out one area of concern to me personally, namely, the Private Sector Commission wants peace, but not justice. All of Guyana wants peace, but permanent peace, not the hypocritical peace wanted by a few who cannot see justice outside their immediate needs and desires.

With all the flurry of election fever many of us seemed to forget that 2011 was also the designated year for People of African Descent. One of the foremost legislative areas the new parliament must pursue is the restoration of African ancestral lands, since this would be a major boost, in collaboration with the Mangrove Restoration Project on the East and West Coast of Demerara and Berbice. We must learn to live together as brothers end sisters, or perish together as fools – the words of Martin Luther King.
Yours faithfully,
Lloyd W Davidson

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