Chart lost in Emergency Department of GPH

Dear Editor,

I was seriously ill on November 28, 2011 and was rushed to the Emergency Department at the Georgetown Public Hospital at about 4 pm. A wheelchair was brought out to the car and I was taken into the Emergency Depart-ment. I was wheeled up to the nurse, and when my turn arrived my blood sugar level and blood pressure were taken and the information recorded on a chart, which was afterwards given to a clerk. The necessary details were recorded and I was told to have a seat and listen for my name.

My wheelchair with me in it was placed in a line with the others. At about 8 pm, all the other patients in wheelchairs had been taken in to be treated except me. I started to protest to the guy who was calling out the names and taking the patients in, but he told me to hold on. At around 8.30 pm this guy’s shift changed and a lady took over. I told her that I had been there since 4 pm. She took up my complaint but could not find my chart. She then sent me to see Nurse Cornett who gave instructions to prepare a new chart for me. At about 9 pm. I was taken in to see the doctor. I heard patients complaining that other patients who had come in after them had been sent in to see the doctor.

I wish to make some recommendations to help correct the exiting situation:

1.  that the management of the hospital examine the existing system and make recommendations for it improvement;

2.  that a number be placed on each chart, and the clerk who records the particulars also records the number against each chart;

3.  that patients be sent in to see the doctor based on their name and number and a patient with a higher number should not be sent in to see the doctor as against a patient with a lower number unless it is a serious case;

4. that patients be told what is their number so that they would have an idea who would be next to see the doctor.

Since I am not aware of the present system in operation I would not be able to make additional recommendations.

Yours faithfully,
S Kadaru

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to Ms Alero Proctor, the Public Relations Officer of the Georgetown Hospital Corporation for any comment she might wish to make.

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