I have started a Facebook page called Our Guyana in the hope that it will become another forum for Guyanese, at home and in the diaspora, to express and harmonise our views about the change we envision for Guyana. The 2011 elections results provide a momentous opportunity – I dare say one of the best since independence. For the first time, all the political parties, representing a broad cross-section of our people have to show wisdom in exercising reasonableness for government to work.

The extent to which the members of the 10th Parliament, individually and collectively, buckle down to the hard work ahead, argue their positions logically and rationally, and make good decisions, will be the extent to which the organs of the state begin to deliver more for all of us – more jobs, more justice, more security, more sensible growth.

I hope that this will become a forum where we signal to our members of parliament, and the new President and his cabinet that we will support them so long they act in our best interest.

We can start by openly and fearlessly expressing and discussing our ‘ordinary,’ ‘simple’ ideas for shaping Our Guyana, irrespective of where we are located in our society.

To kick off the discussion, one of the first proposals I wish to make is to encourage the new Parliament to use the next five years to put us firmly on a path guided by the ‘rule of law,’ that we may become a ‘land of fair play.’

The Parliament, for example, could take immediate steps to put itself in mode to promote good governance and fiduciary accountability by establishing robust, proactive, inclusive committees of parliament, which will seek out the views of Guyanese everywhere.

These committees could be charged with guiding and monitoring formulation and implementation of critical national policies, such as a holistic national development strategy, low carbon economic development, promotion of private entrepreneurship, sea defence, irrigation, budget deficit limits, legal and constitutional reform, security and crime, health, education, employment and labour.

They could also invite other organs of state, especially the service commissions, to report on their stewardship.

Visit ‘Our Guyana’ at Facebook and add your piece.

Keep the ball in the people’s court!

Yours faithfully,
 David Yhann

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