Practical and pragmatic politics

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to read (SN, Dec14) that AFC`s executive member Khemraj Ramjattan is reported as saying that his party is supportive of APNU`s call to have a tripartite budget committee, calling it a wonderful idea which would enhance transparency.

Further, the article quotes Mr Ramjattan as saying that it is only right for the AFC to support it (the establishment of such a committee).

Editor, this is practical and pragmatic politics, and may I add that the AFC has earned the right to be included in the management of the affairs of the nation. This right was won with their securing 10% of votes cast at the recent elections. Juxtapose this with the fact that the PPP has secured the presidency with support of just 35% of the electorate. My point is that the Guyanese people have clearly stated, nay rejected one party rule, which in Guyana means one race rule and sounded the call for consensus government.

Editor, the three parties which will now be represented in Parliament when it convenes have all made promises and pledges to their supporters who will now be looking forward in keen anticipation to these being kept. The AFC, for example, has committed itself to, among other things, twenty-six specific deliverables, if it came into government. Being part of the tripartite budget committee will allow them to make good on these pledges. We in APNU of course have done the same and similarly our supporters are expecting us to deliver, leading to an improved standard of living and quality of life for them and their families. Same goes for the PPP.

The action of the electorate brings us to this point and opens an exciting window of opportunity. With goodwill, sincerity and the spirit of compromise and consensus, Guyana (and not a single party) will be the winner.

The ball is now in President Ramotar`s court. He can choose to heed the call of the electorate or he can reject it and opt for an early poll to pursue a different path. It won`t be long before we know his decision.

Yours faithfully,
Ronald Bulkan

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