The harassment of Cuba continues

Dear Editor,

Your Monday the 12th edition reported that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar of Trinidad apologized to Cuban President Raul Castro because the Cuban President and his delegation were denied the request to stay at the Hilton Hotel which is an American-owned hotel. Of course Kamla must have had her reason for apologizing, though I can’t see it; it is not the government of Trinidad that denied Castro accommodation.

Raul naturally understands the situation since Cuba and Cubans have been blockaded by the US for 50 years. I remember in 1976 or thereabouts, a Cuban aircraft on the way to Angola landed at Timehri airport for fuel and was denied refuelling by the fuel suppliers there.

The aircraft had to stay for several days here until fuel arrived from Cuba.

What is sad is that with all those Democrats in the White House from time to time, the harassment of Cuba and Cubans remains the same.

Yours faithfully,
W P George

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