Edghill should not wait on a request from the Prime Minister to resign as Chairman of the GPOC

Dear Editor,  

It was interesting to observe how events have unfolded, albeit in a positive manner, to induce the resignation of the former Chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commission. It was, at the same time, disappointing to note the latter’s apparent reluctance to demit a similar position at the Guyana Post Office Corporation, where he pretended to be, and actually convinced its board and management, that he was a bona fide executive Chairman – a posture not supported by the relevant statutes, including the Public Corporations Act.

Since in any case he must transform his limitations to financial management, he will hardly be allowed time to focus on bringing any value to the management of the corporation. He therefore should not await a request from the Prime Minister to yield this responsibility to someone easily better equipped.

Yours faithfully,
E B John

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