A sign of what is to come?

Dear Editor,

In a few days to Christmas Donald brought to us… suspension and investigation of Henry, charges against Kwame while Lumumba‘s fate is to be decided.

If this is a sign of what is to come, then surely Guyana is on the path to finally receiving justice and fairness, as well as scrutiny of senior government officials. This is great news and we hope that the trend will continue into the New Year.

We wait to see him open investigations into all the corrupt deals and transactions, then we will surely say he is for real and serious about proper governance. He has a chance now to leave a legacy for this country and surely etch his name in the annals of Guyana in a positive way, unlike his predecessor, who was associated with mismanagement, arrogance and mediocrity, and was surrounded by corruption.

Including the opposition in the budget preparations is also a welcome start toward including the opposition in the decision-making forum of this country, and again this is a great step towards moving this nation forward. Guyana will go nowhere unless there are equal rights, justice and mechanisms that ensure there are equal opportunities for everyone to share in the pie.

This is good batting so far, excellent shots even though there were bad balls begging to be hit. Remember the hallmark of a good batsman is that he ‘destroys bad balls without mercy.’

So continue batting; the bowling is mediocre, there are many bad balls and how you dispatch them will be the ultimate test of how good you are. And don’t forget that you still have to play the good balls too, if you want to be a great batsman and continue scoring big.

Yours faithfully,
A Rodrigues

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