What is the explanation for the absence of Norton, Vieira and Mervyn Williams from Parliament?

Dear Editor,

The profile of AFC’s new parliamentarian Cathy Hughes must be most welcome to all interested parties, who would also look forward to the remaining of the promised series.

The exercise generates interest, if not anxiety, for similar disclosures of the track records of the new parliamentarians of APNU. The public will wish to know of their respective capabilities as they relate to specific areas of economic/administrative activity, ie, agriculture, health, education, social services, environment, foreign policy, etc; for they would need to be assured that the competencies which APNU has been demanding of their government counterparts are appropriately reflected among its own team.

It would be an appropriate show of accountability to the party’s many supporters if, in the process, explanations were forthcoming for the absence of experienced former contributors as Aubrey Norton (who must be given some credit for the Region 10 success), Anthony Vieira and Mervyn Williams.

Yours faithfully,
E B John

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