Who won and who lost the November 28 elections depends on how you look at it. Let’s take the PPP/C first. Now they threw the proverbial Kitchen Sink plus Bharrat Jagdeo, plus one lap top per family plus, we are told, upward of two hundred million ‘big ones’ at the elections. For good measure they threw in NCN and the Chronicle and the National Stadium. Result? Held on to the presidency! Dropped a few thousand votes! Surrendered control of the Parliament!

AFC next! They fought like hell. Said they wanted to change to political landscape. Roped in Van West Charles then Moses. The PPP/C stomped and fretted and fumed but Moses declare that cat eat deh dinner. AFC matched the big guns stride for stride. They did themselves proud! Good-sized rallies! A lot of young people! Straddled the ethnic divide published attractive ads. Result?  Seven seats! Probably no more than they perhaps realistically expected. But they got what they wanted. Now they’re right there in the parliamentary mix. No sackcloth and ashes for the AFC.

Next, APNU. A SOLDIER-POLITICIAN for a presidential candidate. National Unity Platform! WPA and others on board. No more PNCR. Poor as a church mouse. Probably incurred debts up to their gills to run their campaign. Their poverty showed. No big posters and banners like the PPP/C. No concerts at the National Stadium. They probably would not have been given the Stadium anyway. That’s Jagdeo territory.  Result? Up around 20,000 votes but still well short of the mark. The PNC is back in Parliament taking the WPA and the others in with them.

TUF: What can one say about TUF? Perhaps that question is best directed at Manzoor.

Who won? Who lost? Well, it just depends on how you look at it.

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