LABA to meet executives of top clubs this evening

The Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) is requesting the presence of the executive members of its seven top clubs this evening at the Mackenzie Sports Club Pavilion from 18:00hrs.

According to a press release, the LABA is targeting the presidents, secretaries and treasurers of the clubs, namely Amelia’s Ward Jets, GTS Bulls, Wismar Pistons, Retrieve Raiders, Block 22 Flames, Victory valley Royals and Kashif and Shanghai Kings.

LABA wants to address the positions various executive members play as well as focus on  plans for the rest of the year as well as the new year.

While LABA was handicapped for part of the year because of the unavailability of the main basketball facility, the release also noted that the structure of some clubs leaves a lot to be desired and it is this meeting which is intended to address what the concerns of the association are and what it expects from each club. The executives of LABA further emphasized that the meeting is of much importance and should be made a priority by the presidents, secretaries and treasurers of the various clubs who are expected to attend the meeting.

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