NAGCA to honour Grant Stuart

The Guyana Cycling Association of North America (NAGCA) will host a raffle in Walter Grant Stuart’s honour on Labour Day.

The amputee cyclist recently won the 12th annual John T. Memorial 102 mile road race in Anguilla and the NAGCA which is headed by former Guyana cycling champion Neville Hunte, plans to hold the fund raising event in his honour.

Walter Grant-Stuart

According to reports, Grant-Stuart won  the event in a heated finish against francl Pangan of St Maarten clocking 3:42:12.

Stuart received US$1000 while the second and third placed finishers received US$800 and $600 respectively.

The stunned spectators were so impressed by the exploits of the former Fireman who lost  his arm while on active duty a few years ago, that some of them spontaneously went through the crowds and collected money which they duly presented to him in awe. Another former Guyana cycling champion Godfrey Pollydore placed seventh.

Over 50 cyclists from around the Caribbean participated in the event, namely from Aruba, St Kitts & Nevis, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Curacao and St Maarten.

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