Tanya Stephens releases video for Ghett’a Life movie soundtrack

New Jamaican film Ghett’a Life has already copped two awards at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and Tanya Stephens, ‘Lyrical Queen of Dancehall’ who wrote the title track for the soundtrack has just completed the video for the single.

According to a press release from Break Through Communications, reggae visionary, Tanya Stephens, has written an analytic and thought-provoking tune that closely matches the groundbreaking storyline of the film.

So let the rain fall, and let the wind blow, Cause after the rainfall must come a rainbow, I keep dreaming of a better life, cause me must get a life.

So reads the chorus of the tune, which echoes the essence of Ghett’a Life, an action drama which tells the story of overcoming obstacles despite social and economic pressures.

Tanya’s involvement in Ghett’a Life was fitting, the release said, as she has penned some of the most memorable and touching reggae tracks for her growing worldwide audience. The lyrics are compelling, loaded with vivid imagery and biting social commentary about aspects of Jamaican life. The narrative in Tanya’s tune is almost a mirror image of the social commentary of the film.

“The film takes you through the various elements of storytelling. It cleared up a lot of things for me about Jamaica and showed me that there is still hope for the industry and the people,” Tanya was quoted as saying.

The storyline of Ghett’a Life is set against the backdrop of Kingston’s inner-city, and explores one boy’s attempt to achieve boxing glory and overcome his economic barriers. His efforts are persistent despite the political divide that threatens to tear his community and country apart. His journey takes him on a path that will force him to defy his family and his community and the result will either destroy him or bring his community together.

Having seen a rough cut version of the film, Tanya praised its story line. She explains that the lyrics had to be tailor made to match the circumstances of the film, as well as to fit the confines of what is known as a properly written song.

“That part was a bit of a challenge. I wanted to make it so that it was not too synonymous with the movie, yet reflect the themes of the movie. This is the first time the name of a movie has appeared so many times in a track I’ve done, so I had to make extra effort with this one,” the release quoted her as saying.

The music video to the track was directed by award winning film director Chris Browne, who also directed the film.

“Once we had a rough cut of the film in November last year Tanya came and saw it… The song is powerful; the lyrics and message became an anthem for the film, so it was important to us to do a video with Tanya which showcases not only her talent but also the entire concept of the film,” the release quoted Browne as saying.

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