Buxton/Strathspey receiving water – GWI

The Guyana Water Inc (GWI) has said that residents of the Buxton/Strathspey area are receiving water at an adequate level of service.

According to a press release issued in response to a photograph on the front page of yesterday’s Stabroek News captioned ‘Getting the essentials: Two girls fill containers with water for home use at this pipe at the side of Buxton/Strathspey sideline dam on Sunday’, GWI saidthat the connection was illegal and the persons identified were not in GWI’s service zone, nor have they been approved by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).

The release said the GWI East Coast team conducted an investigation which revealed that the connection was created to provide squatters with a source of water.

The illegal connection has been removed and residents are warned to desist from this practice since it endangers the health of customers who are legally benefiting from GWI’s service, the release said. It added that anyone found erecting illegal standpipes will be reported and prosecuted and further emphasized that this illegal activity has disastrous consequences.

GWI customers are asked to report instances of illegal connections to telephone number227-8701 or via email address customercallcentre@ gwi.com

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