Hassar curry poison victims back home recovering

All four of the victims of the Hassar curry poisoning have been discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital, but they voluntarily remain on a ‘soft diet’ and will not be eating their favourite spicy dishes anytime soon; while the person charged with the attack on them will be back in court today.

Speaking via cell phone, from their Mahaicony residence, head of the Dharamdat household, Sukdeo Dharamdat, 42, informed that he was very pleased that all his family members were home from hospital.

“I am so glad we all home, but I miss de pepper and spicy flavour and so… Just to be on the safe side me and de boy ain’t eating nothing too heavy, until we average so that de stomach could take de rockings,” he said laughing.

The man added that even as they reflect on the alleged attempt to murder them by a 14-year-old relative, he still thinks mostly of the losses he sustained to his farm, as a result of the recent flooding.

He said his main focus is on picking up the pieces and he is pleading with the authorities for assistance for himself and community since most were not able salvage any of the crops that they depend on for their existence.

Five members of the Dharamdat family were on February 9 rushed to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital with complaints of abdominal pains and vomiting. After their conditions worsened overnight, they were then transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

It was later found out that their February 9 supper had been laced with the fatal insecticide, Monocrotophos.

Dharamdat’s wife, Nandranie, 40, and his two daughters, Hemwattie, 15, and Bhunwaneshari, 13, were the first to be released.

A girl, 14, was charged with the attempted murder of the family. She was remanded to a juvenile detention facility and will make her next court appearance today at the Mahaica Magistrate’s court.

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