Escaping bandit injured in Pouderoyen accident

At about 1930h. last night, police say that Zhang Man Bang, 37 years, was in his restaurant at Anna Catherina, WCD, when three men entered, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

The men held up Man Bang who managed to run out of the shop and raise an alarm and the residents responded, police said.

The three perpetrators ran out of the restaurant and one escaped in a waiting motor car while the other two, which included the man with the fireman, held up Lennox Roberts of Anna Catherina and took away his motor cycle.

Police say the two men became involved in an accident at Pouderoyen, WBD, while escaping on the motor cycle.  As a result one of them sustained injuries to his left foot, while the other escaped.

The injured perpetrator was treated at the WDRH and the GPHC and is presently in police custody assisting with the investigations.

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