Brunswijk pledges support to Bouterse till 2030

(de Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO — Ronnie Brunswijk, chair A Combinatie will continue to back Desi Bouterse until 2030, adding that his cooperation with his firmer adversary is meant to demonstrate true peace to the Surinamese society.

‘If Bouterse and Brunswijk are able to cooperate, one should expect more for the country. It shows that there is real peace between these two leaders. I’ll continue to back him 100 percent from 2015 to 2020 and then on to 2030 and on, you do the math,’ Brunswijk said at the unity manifestation held at the Independence Square last Saturday night. The event drew a large crowd including ministers, legislators and other prominent members of society. Brunswijk boasted that the incumbent coalition is invincible. He reminded the audience that he and Bouterse were enemies during the war in the hinterland fought in the 80s and 90s, but he signed a peace treaty in the interest of the development of this country.

‘We shouldn’t die without having reconciled to secure a sound fundament for development for future generations. This is true reconciliation, because hatred doesn’t bring development,’ said Brunswijk.

Paul Somohardjo, chair of Pertjajah Luhur, considers the amnesty issue something of the past now that the Act has been adopted in Parliament and published by the government. ‘The next important step is truth finding and for that we’ll get OAS assistance. Society supports the Act because thousands voted on the coalition partners at the last elections.

‘Pertjajah Luhur won, A Combinatie won, Mega Combinatie won, so what’s more to say, Somohardjo stressed. The politician said that the people are not interested in the Amnesty Act but in having a roof over their head, a job and good health care, and these issues will not be realized if the dissension continues to exist. ‘The colonizers kept us divided, but now we have to form a unity.’ Somohardjo also boasted that no government coalition can be forged without the help of Pertjajah Luhur. ‘Look at the Nieuw Front, they deserted us and now they are dead. They are trying to get us into their camp, but it’s too late,’ said Somohardjo.


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