T&T Liquidator says was physically attacked by Hindu Credit Union head

(Trinidad Express) Hindu Credit Union liquidator Ramdath D Rampersad yesterday testified he was physically attacked by former HCU president Harry Harnarine in the corridor of the High Court during a break in a legal matter involving the two.

Rampersad yesterday took the witness stand in the Commission of Enquiry into the collapse of CL Financial and the HCU being held at the Winsure Building, Richmond Street in Port of Span.

Questioned by his attorney Deborah Peake SC about “intimidatory” tactics used by Harnarine and the HCU board of directors, Rampersad said: “During one of the legal matters at the High Court, I went out in the corridor and Mr Harnarine shoved me. He used his hands to push me.”

Rampersad said he reported the incident to his attorney.

The High Court judge was told of the attack but contempt of court proceedings were not pursued after Harnarine “promised to behave himself”, Rampersad said.

Rampersad said apart from the attack he also received death threats.

“It went beyond being hostile, there was a threat to myself, my family, my legal adviser, so much so I had to employ a bodyguard on a continuous basis. I had to employ a bodyguard at my home so it was more than just a threat,” Rampersad said.

Rampersad said the threats were reported to the police and he had a meeting with the Police Commissioner to discuss the issue.

Rampersad said the “thuggish behaviour” of Harnarine and his cohorts caused him to “stop mass gatherings” with members of the HCU.

This is the second time in two days that reports of death threats involving Harnarine has been raised.

Last Friday, chartered accountant Madan Ramnarine said he and his family received death threats when he refused to sign doctored financial accounts showing the HCU in a favourable financial position.

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