Alana Seebarran ready to use crown, title to make a difference

Roughly a month ago Alana Seebarran went to Suriname representing Guyana in the Ms India Worldwide Pageant; she returned with the crown as well as the award for Best Talent, while the country earned Best National Director.

This year’s seventh edition of APSARA Magazine will feature Alana’s journey: an interview, pictures taken during the pageant, background and backstage extras.

At a recent press conference held by APSARA Entertainment its CEO, Chandini Ramnarine, who is also host and director of the Miss India Guyana Pageant said that APSARA sees this as an opportunity to promote Guyana. Alana, she said, is a role model and will offer herself as a motivational speaker. The entertainment company, she said, wishes to reach out to schools, the Ministry of Education, charity functions, hospitals and orphanages. “We welcome ideas from any organisation,” she said.

APSARA CEO Chandini Ramnarine and Ms India Worldwide Alana Seebarran

Alana will make special appearances. Inclusive of her television appearances in India, she will use the title locally, regionally and internationally, she will be in ads and even movies, Ramnarine said.

Alana added, “I need to use this title to make a difference.” She plans on being a part of awareness and support for campaigns educating citizens about HIV, breast cancer and cervical cancer. She plans on targeting education not only to women but also to men on the significance of health etc. She stands firm in motivating children to stay in school, improve attendances and to reduce the rates of dropouts.

Noting that she won the title for all of Guyana and not just Georgetown, she said she is committed to making the time to travel all three counties. She noted that she has a calendar of activities: the most recent being to visit her old elementary and secondary schools, she is very excited to go to the Mae’s Hat Show and promote her crown as a hat.

Meanwhile, Ramnarine noted, “just three years ago we introduced the Ms India Worldwide Pageant and now we basically brought the first international crown to Guyana.” She described APSARA as a group of dynamic women and said that after years of hard work, their efforts finally paid off.

Ramnarine also noted that Guyana had secured awards before: the first contestant sent to represent Guyana: Ms India Guyana 2009 won the award for Best Hair. In 2011, Roshini Boodhoo won Miss Congeniality and “now we have brought the crown and the highest title to Guyana, Alana was competing against 34 other delegates from around the world, competing countries included as far as Australia, Germany and the UK.” She also pointed out that the pageant was not just about looks but included brains and talent. She further described the international pageant as a forum of young beautiful women with an Indian background (at least one Indian parent) and said it is acclaimed to be one of the most creative pageants worldwide. (Jairo Rodrigues)

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