Mob raids store of Chinese charged with assault on child

An angry mob on Tuesday raided a Croal Street store and assaulted the proprietor, a Chinese national, who was earlier charged with assaulting a child.

The owner, Jiang Ping Ren, said she was battered withan iron cane in her stomach when she tried to stop the protesters from entering the store, as they shouted to “take dem goods because Chinese people treating Guyanese bad.”

The store, Sino Mall, was raided on Tuesday after protesters stormed in while the owner attempted to shut the doors on them since she was fearful for her safety.

She told this newspaper that she became fearful when the crowd which had gathered outside the store started to get violent and throw objects at her.

She said they threw water at her and shouted threats.
She said that as the crowd cursed at her, one woman came forward with an iron cane and proceeded to beat her in the stomach.

Jiang said she had just opened her store when she saw people gathering in front of the doors and yelling at her. “I scream at my sales girls and tell them go in back and hide. They run and me try to lock door but they push me down and run in and take my goods. One of my sales girls come help me and she see one of the people pull money out from cash register and she scream ‘thief thief!’ and the person (threatened her). My sales girl started to cry and scream and they beat me many, many times,” the woman told this newspaper yesterday.

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