Law and Order Commission to help roll out ministry’s security plans

The National Commission on Law and Order (NCLO) plans to play an active role in supporting the Ministry of Home Affairs as it rolls out its strategic plans to enhance the operations of the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Prison Service.

After being briefed by Minister of Home Affairs and NCLO Chairman Clement Rohee at its statutory meeting held on Wednesday, the Commission endorsed the new approach, describing it as “long overdue but necessary and timely if the citizens of Guyana were to enjoy life in a country that is characterized by peace and good order and where the safety [and] security of its citizen[s] is in good hands.”

According to a press release, the meeting provided further insights into other aspects of the ministry’s Strategic Plans and Implementation Plans outlined by the minister on December 31, 2012.

Following a discussion on the presentation, the Commission agreed that it must play an active role, along with other stakeholders, as the ministry implements its plans for the security sector. In this regard, it agreed to soon convene a meeting to further examine various aspects of the plans with a view to determining how it can help to ensure their successful implementation.

The NCLO comprises government agencies and departments and organisations which include political parties, trade unions, religious and other social organisations dedicated to maintaining law and order in the nation.

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