Cop electrocuted while chasing prisoner

A policeman who was chasing after a prisoner this morning in Sophia was electrocuted by a stray live wire.

Dorwin Pitman
Dorwin Pitman

Confirmed dead is Dorwin Pitman who was stationed at the Prashad Nagar Outpost. Stabroek News was told that Pitman was the lone rank at the outpost and had been chasing after the prisoner who fled through the back of the outpost around 7.30 am. The chase proceeded to near the St Stanislaus farm in Sophia and it was there that the policeman was electrocuted.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The police this morning issued the following press release:

“During this morning, Monday June 10, 2013, Police Constable 21600 Dorwin Pitman was found lying on the ground in an alley-way in North Sophia. He was rushed to the GPHC where he was pronounced DOA.  At about 0730h. today Constable Dorwin Pitman went to the lock-ups at the Prashad Nagar Outpost to feed prisoners. While handing meals to another prisoner, Akeem Edwards who was in the lock-ups for Possession of Narcotics and was scheduled for court today pushed down the rank and ran out of the Outpost.  Constable Pitman and another rank gave chase behind Akeem Edwards during which Pitman was subsequently found in the alley-way. There was no visible sign of injury.  A post-mortem examination is to be performed on the body. Akeem Edwards has not been recaptured.”



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