Cabinet approves Unasur action plan on organised crime

Cabinet has approved an Action Plan on of the South American Council on Citizen Security, Justice and Coordination of Actions against Transnational Organised Crime drafted by Unasur (Union of South American Countries) member states.

The Ministry of Home Affairs submitted the Action Plan to Cabinet on September 9 and received its approval, the ministry said in a press release on Thursday.

The Action Plan is intended to address areas such as strengthening of institutional capacities, strategies and policies of public safety; strengthening of citizen participation, public safety with a human rights perspective; management of public safety of populations in border areas; strengthening of justice systems; strengthening of access to justice; formulation and implementation of policies of justice with human rights perspective; strengthening of the prison policies of the member states; strengthening policies of border and transnational cooperation to crackdown on transnational organisation crime.

By the Act of Lima in November 2012, the Councils of the Heads of State and Government of Unasur agreed to create the South American Council on Public Security, Justice and Coordinating Actions against Transnational Organised Crime. Based on this decision, the Statute of the said Council was approved and it was agreed that this would form the basis of an Action Plan to be prepared by Unasur member states.  Several meetings were held during the first quarter of this year in Peru, where representatives of Guyana and other members states met and prepare the action Plan for consideration by the Ministers of Public Security, Justice and Coordination of Action against Transnational Organised Crime.

The Action Plan was approved by the highest authorities responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies in citizen security, justice and coordination of actions against transnational organised crime of the Unasur group, the press release said.

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